Heroes 2 None "More fat villains to you all" - CD

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11 Track CD im Digipack
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Smith & Miller Records SMR CD002

Danish Oi!sters Heroes 2 None are dynamite. A street punk/Oi! band hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, they are continuing a long and proud tradition of bands from that town who play this kind of music.
It's raw, and it's basic, and always true to the roots. You can call it whatever you like, and try to
pigeonhole them, but their motto is: if it sounds good, let's play it, even if it maybe falls a bit
outside the genre.
The band members have plenty of experience, gained over 40 years in various bands like The Zero Point, War Of Destruction, Skaloot, The Hoolies, The Guv'nors, The Outfit & Last Seen Laughing.